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I have worked with Tabatha as far back as 2004 hiring her as a consultant in interior designer and professional staging my real estate listings for resale. She has a great eye for design and knows what she’s doing. Highly recommended!

Susan Lockhart – Richmond, VA

So many great ideas! WOW Tabatha is creative.  Although it wasn’t a huge job, she made me feel as though it was an important one.  She was fantastic about my small budget and helped me find some treasures.  Don’t hesitate to give her a call.

NN Happy Customer – New Bern, NC

Thank you for all your help, support and guidance this week.  You are making this endeavor far less stressful than I could have possibly anticipated. All the best,

TC – Charleston, SC

I was blessed to work with Tabatha while we both lived in California. She has a great eye for design, while also understanding what will fit with the style of your home or business. Everything that I have seen her do is beautiful and elegant, yet comfortable enough to draw you in and make you never want to leave. Her energy is contagious. You rarely see her without a smile on her face. Loved working with her.

Terry Bottke – Lodi, California

I required assistance with adding finishing touches to my dining room. Tabatha had a very thoughtful approach. She spent time getting to know my tastes and what I wanted to achieve with the overall look and feel of the room and came back with some beautiful options. In fact, she knew me better than I knew myself in so much that she picked out a curtain trim I never thought I would've liked. When held up to my curtain panels it completely changed the dynamic of the room and added a touch of elegance I never thought possible. I can't wait to see what she does when left to design an entire room or house.

Val – New Bern, NC